Sunday, February 13, 2011

Natural Scrubs that Rival Store bought for Price and Juiciness

Well, this blog is all about celebrating crafters and artisans. One thing I love is a good spa treatment. But since I spend virtually all my money on crafting items these days, I can't always afford one. 

Natural grapefruit scrub has no chemicals
Gina Kain creates amazing scrubs that contain nothing but natural ingredients. Sure, you could spend a fortune for chemically altered creams and scrubs at the store (we all have!). But when there's a fellow crafter who makes them in her own kitchen with love, let's cheer her on! They contain only pure granulated sugar, freshly grated grapefruit zest & freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, grapeseed and/or extra virgin olive oil, grapefruit essential oil.  They come in an 8 oz. glass jar that looks lovely on your counter. Color will vary as ingredients are all natural.

You can find Gina at Just tell her you'd like to find out more about her scrubs. She's working on getting her web presence built and could use the support of other like-minded artisans.

Gina Kain makes wonderful home made artisan spa scrubs
Gina Kain is a wife and mother of 2 boys and she lives in Litchfield County, Connecticut.  She started creating various sugar scrubs for gifts, and for mother's groups that she is part of, and the feedback was always positive.  Now she is selling her special grapefruit scrub on Clara's Closet.  Most recently, her church has made the scrubs as a fundraiser for its Grace Place ministries.  Grace Place is a pregnancy resource & crisis pregnancy center, where Gina serves as a lay counselor.  Any woman enjoying a little bit of pampering will enjoy this rejuvenating, fragrant and skin-softening scrub.  This sugar scrub is made with all natural ingredients and comes in an attractive 8 oz glass jars.  They will last for several months stored at room temperature. Ask her about bulk discounts for your group or yourself.


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