Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wondering how to age a handmade doll? It's easy! Watch My How To Video Here

Free Video and Pattern on How to Dye a Prim Doll

Hi all! My son Joey, (10 years old!) shot this video for me on how to dye a primitive doll. You know how you always see those gorgeous dolls that look vintage and aged and wonder how they got it like that? Well, now you can make dolls like that too! I used to think it was complicated and I was so jealous that other doll makers could get the results I was yearning for. Well, now I know the secret too--and today you will too!

I was reading Prims Magazine (the August 2010 issue with the cat on the cover) and it tells all about how to make a dye out of tea, coffee and some other household items. It's really easy. So watch the video and then get crafting!

The bunny pattern is my own creation and you can have it for free if you just shoot me an email at You'll get hooked on prim making. I know I have!

P.S. Here's the link where you can buy the apron I am wearing in the video. My mom makes them for Clara's Closet.

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