Monday, March 21, 2011

New Fabric You'll Want to Check Out: Creative Thursday Shop on Etsy

i am always here for you LIMITED EDITION
Proceeds from this sale go to Japanese relief
Today is only Monday,  but you'll want to check out Creative Thursday's shop on Etsy You will find the cutest fabric ever for making softies or pillows or just about anything.

When you sign up for the Creative Thursday newsletter, you'll get a burst of inspiration once each week in the form of a lovely painting. The artwork is done by  Marisa Haedike who says, "Passionate about following your heart and your dreams, while living creatively - my hope is that even a little bit of this passion comes through in my art and encourages you to go and live your dreams." Now you can buy her artwork in the form of adorable fabric. 

There's also a painting whose proceeds will go to Japanese relief efforts. So check it out.

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